Free box of vinyl records. Interested?

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Free box of vinyl records. Interested?

Post by [m] » Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:33 pm

I’ve started a new kind of web shop & subscription service that features vinyl records from a list of handpicked exciting and under the radar ambient / drone / house / techno record labels. Interested in giving it a try & getting your first box of vinyl records for free?

What you get:

Get a surprise box of vinyl records, delivered right to your front, once per month. Each box includes 1 new limited edition LP + 1 EP. I'll send you mainly ambient, drone, house or techno records from small record labels worth checking out. First month is free, I’ll only ask you to cover the shipping fees.

How to join:
Send an email to and I’ll reply back to learn more about your preferences. You can also message me here on or sign-up here

Why I started it:
I've been a longtime record collector and I love electronic music, particularly ambient, drone, house and techno music. The problem is that If you don’t live near a decent record shop and can’t afford to jump in your car and drive 200 km to the closest one just to pick a record or two, then there's only one option left: to buy records online. Unfortunately, most online stores have way too much music listed and it’s way too time consuming to filter the junk from the good stuff. That Special Record not only wants to make online crate digging a less painful process, we want to make it a nicer and more personal experience.

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