Deep Underground Tech House By Mind Flux

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Deep Underground Tech House By Mind Flux

Post by wearemindflux » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:02 pm

Deep Underground Tech House

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Release Info:

Mind Flux have just unleashed over 1GB of mind altering audio
loops, hits and midi loops. Each loop is sculpted to fit perfectly
into your techno or house productions.

Deep Underground Tech House is a true representation of the
sound of underground techno and house that is being played
in warehouses and deep dark basements across the world.
Inspire by labels such as Hotflush, Leftroom, Ovum, Desolat
and many more.

From dubbed up synth stabs to deep rolling bass lines and
heavy hitting drum grooves, deep underground tech house has
it all.

What is the collection?

30 Bass Loops. Each bass loops is a deep driving powerful low
end force that will add the perfect amount of weight and power
to your tracks.

406 Drum Hits. That is broken down into 51 snares, 81 perc
hits, 38 rides, 50 kicks, 29 music hits, 42 found sounds, 56
hihats, 51 claps. As you can see you have a vast amount of
one shots to construct your own grooves.

182 Drum Loops, that are infused with warm analogue hits and
unique found sounds creating truly innovative loops.

20 FX Hits that are morphed and mashed up to create a perfect
transition between sections.

25 FX Loops which can add a sinister and quirky edge to your

88 Midi Loops. Split up into 30 bass midi loops, 30 music
loops, 25 synth loops. This will give you a huge amount of
control allowing you to use your own synths.

33 Music Loops. Everything from deep stabs and smooth key
loops, that are perfect for the after hours.

31 Synth Loops. Each loop is infused with a depth of warmth
and mind bending nature that creates a truly unique loop.

6 Song starters. With pad loops, drum loops and bass loops
that all work in perfect harmony this folder is perfect for
getting a track starter right out the gate.

20 Texture Loops. These loops are perfect for layering under
your tracks to give a mysterious atmosphere.

21 Vocal Loops, which are glitched out to the max producing a
special array of loops that can add a real edge to your music.

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