Exotic Mastering -10€- offer from Exotic Refreshment

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Exotic Mastering -10€- offer from Exotic Refreshment

Post by ExoticRefresh » Tue Jan 07, 2014 4:37 pm

If you're looking for professional Mastering, and you like how Exotic Refreshment releases sounds, don't hesitate to contact us. We have over than decade of experience as an engineers, dj’s and producers. Examples of our work are available on our SoundCloud profile:

We're a record label so we know that budgets of smaller artists and labels can be tight, and that's why we offer a reasonable price for our service - now only 10€ per track!

The entire process is really simple:
- send a note to info[at}exoticrefreshment[dot]com with all details (put 'Mastering' in the subject field)
- submit your audio file(s) via sendspace.com or other free service
We prefer 24-bit or 16-bit wavs without dithering, -3dB. Please make sure to turn off all processing plugins on your master channel (Limiters, EQ's, Compressors etc). If your mixdown needs any corrections, we will let you know!
- usually Masterings are ready on the next day, but when the workload is big, then it can take up to 3-4 business days
A 2min cut of Mastered wav will be sent to you. If you're unhappy, we will make changes according to your instructions
- once payment via PayPal is received, link to the mastered track(s) will be sent to you

On your request (free):
- we convert all mastered tracks to mp3s
- we create a short previews of your mastered tracks that fades in and fades out (great for your SoundCloud profile etc)

Follow us on FB for news, updates and discounts:

More info:


- Universal Audio Apollo 16
- TC Electronic Finalizer
- TC Electronic PowerCore x8
- PSP Audioware software
- Sonnox Mastering software
- Brainworx Mastering software
- Izotope Mastering software
- Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate
- Waves Mastering software
- Logic Pro 9
- Ableton Live
- RME HDSP 9632
and many more...

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