FBERGOMI - stupid pet tricks (feedbacks very welcome!!)

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FBERGOMI - stupid pet tricks (feedbacks very welcome!!)

Post by plastik » Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:07 pm

dear forum users, I'd like you to listen to this track of mine and leave some tips/feedback/critics/anything.
I'm really looking forward to reading your comments about this one.
I reckon there's a lot of brilliant producers on this very forum, so your view on my stuff is precious.

just let me say a couple of things: the track just flew out of my fingers.
I haven't thought much about "oh, let's make it this and that". no: it just came out and felt good.
granted: there are flaws, and the mixing is somewhere very poor. some of you might say it sounds like s**t, well I guess it does :)
it's my very first finished track. maybe I'm over-enthusiastic about it :oops:

most sounds come from my roland juno. plus there's a drum machine and some other claps.

that's it. it's called "stupid pet tricks".
here's the link (try open it a couple of times - sometimes sendspace is a bit tricky!!):



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