[Interview] Andre Crom exclusive for MNML.nl

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[Interview] Andre Crom exclusive for MNML.nl

Post by e99 » Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:32 pm

A visit to the emergency room!

It's Germany's answer to Dr Bob! An interview with Andre Crom...

He's not a minimal DJ. You might expect that with raves from Hawtin, Magda, Ellen Alien and Troy Pierce, but he's also got fans who like it a bit less serious like Claude von Stroke and Karotte, and a release coming out on veryverywrongindeed recordings called "the emergency room EP". Then there's his affectionate remix of the Catz new track, "Straitjacket", with the chorus of "get the doctor! Get the doctor!" that is dividing DJs straight down the middle. It's the marmite track of this summer, and you either like the simplicity or you're offended that it's not quite exactly what you've been told to expect from one of Germany's most respected DJs...

So who is Andre Crom? And why all the medical references? The past is that he's released on Leftroom, Liebe*Detail, much-loved seminal German label Sender, Memo, and he's resident at two pivotal German clubs, Subway and Hotel Shanghai - as well as having played Retox, Jaded, Sportsrave and Jet in London and with our mates Dirty Disco in Leeds.

The future, meanwhile, is that he'll be headlining the Berlin Cabaret Room with Dub Kult at the first Veryverywrongindeed warehouse party on Sat Dec 1, with Tim Sheridan, and the bouncing, tumbling Italoboyz in Room 1...


So, Andre... the medical jokes. Your new VVWI release has a dentist’s chair and a lot of painful looking equipment on the sleeve. Track one is called "intensivstation", meaning "emergency room". Then there was the "Dr Crom's Autopsy mix" for the Catz. Are you actually a medical doctor, or just an amateur with an interest in sharp knives?

Well, originally I started studying medicine because I had done my civil service in a hospital and learned that you have a good shot at girls wearing a doctor’s suit. After diving into the party scene however, I learned that DJing is a much easier and more fun way to achieve this goal. So the track names are part of my catharsis to get over my sad fate of turning from a half-god in white to the filthy and wasted DJ I am today.

We hear a lot about Berlin here. You're from Dusseldorf and have a residency in Essen as well. What's the German scene like outside of Berlin?

Berlin is for sure the techno capital of the world, the only town which could be compared to it in terms of variety of music and clublife is London I think. However, there are some good producers and clubs in other German cities, I especially like the new wave of Frankfurt DJs and labels like Oslo Recordings.

They really have their own style which adds a lot to the current "deephouse" revival and inspires a lot of people. Also, it's cool that in almost every bigger German city you have promoters and clubs which put on good techno/house nights every weekend. So the scene is quite established in the whole country.

The big majority of the producers however have already moved to Berlin or plan to do so. Sometimes I think that this concentration isn't too healthy and kills a bit of the musical variety.

Which artists are you keeping an eye on yourself?

I really like the stuff Petre Inspirescu does and Onur Özers new album is simply amazing. I also have to mention Tom Dazing and Stefan Tretau which will do the next EPs on my label Heimatmelodie, i truly believe them to be incredibly talented artists which will quickly spread their name around the globe.

This will be the second veryverywrongindeed party you've played after a more than half-crazed night in Leeds at Dirty Disco. What should people expect on Dec 1?

A musical journey from deep house, over party minimal, to deep techno - highly danceable and entertaining. Entertaining the people and myself while presenting a fresh and unique selection garnered with some serious German craziness and "Gude Laune!" is what I'm always trying to do with my sets.

You've got your own label Heimatmelodie, plus a second on the way. What's coming up for you, release-wise? And with so much of your own on the go, why work with veryverywrongindeed?

On 14.11. my own ‘Tomographie EP’ will be released, featuring three tracks of myself and a mighty Spektre remix. this one is already favoured and played by Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Troy Pierce and many more. One month later we have Stefan Tretau with a remix of Marcin Czubala, one of Mobilee's most respected artists. In January, Tom Dazings next EP will follow with a remix by Arnaud Le Texier.

Working with VVWI feels right for me because I really like the people behind it, Tim and Grant [label manager] have been extremely supportive for me in the UK. I'm planning to concentrate on the UK market even more as I love the British party attitude. Having a good time and losing your mind on a crazy clubnight seems to be a part of your genes, which is a very interesting subject to study for me as a DJ doctor ;-)

And finally, what's your current top 10?

1. Onur Özer - Kasmir - Vakant
2. Stefan Tretau - Flederlaus EP - Heimatmelodie
3. Marc Houle - Porch - Minus
4. The Cheapers - Fog & Frogs EP - Upon You
5. Cheshire Catz - Straitjacket - Catzmusic
6. Seph - Wooden (Guido Schneider Rmx)
7. Audio Werner - Getting Up After The Day Before - Hello Repeat
8. Tan-Ru - Changeling (Dub) - Trelik
9. Andre Crom - Endorphin - Sender
10. Petre Inspirescu - Sakadat - Vinylclub

Andre Crom plays at the VeryVeryWrongIndeed Warehouse Party in London on December 1st click here for more details.


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Tom Dazing
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Post by Tom Dazing » Thu Nov 22, 2007 4:46 pm

nice interview!!
i didn't know he was so funny and serious at the same time :D

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Post by le K » Thu Nov 22, 2007 9:24 pm

" I love the British party attitude"

totaly agree with you mister crom..
le-K aka Sylvain Garcia French Musician/DJ/Producer

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Post by joe-delete » Thu Nov 22, 2007 9:32 pm

le K wrote:" I love the British party attitude"

totaly agree with you mister crom..
:twisted: 8)
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