Louche Interview Archive // Baby Prince // Jan 2012

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Louche Interview Archive // Baby Prince // Jan 2012

Post by Rochey » Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:12 pm


Louche: So first of all Gadi, tell us about your new stage name…

Gadi: It's actually a name Lee Curtiss came up with when we first met years ago. I had only used it as a vocal moniker here and there, but recently I started using it on tour and in production with Charlie from Soul Clap as "Lonely C & Baby Prince". I always try to bring as much sexiness as possible to my DJ sets and performances and Prince has always been the epitome of that.

Louche: You're in Miami now I'm guessing? Do you split your time between there and Berlin when not on the road, or do you still spend time in Brooklyn? Whats up with The Marcy these days?

Gadi: Yes, Zev (Wolf) Eli and Charlie (Soul Clap) and I have been living together in Miami in the winters the past two years and in Berlin the past four summers. Brooklyn is where I was born and will always be home. We've given the Marcy over to our closest friends Greg Paulus (No Regular Play) and Brandon Wolcott (Smirk) to live and run, and they have been throwing private parties there since. Wolf + Lamb still hold a residency, but the parties are not really promoted to the public anymore as there is limited capacity.


Louche: W + L's presence at Burning Man is pretty notorious. Is it nice to escape your busy touring and label managing schedule and just be a hippy for a bit?

Gadi: We just crossed our 10 years anniversary at Burning Man last year, which couldn't have been accomplished if we weren't hippies at heart. It's sort of a replacement for high holidays we used to celebrate growing up as orthodox jews! Since we don't really spend much time in New York this is where all our close friends from NYC come together and celebrate.

"I want that sexy-gangsta vibe to be clear on my dance-floor. I want it to be ok to feel like a pimp or get slapped like a bitch!"

Louche: You came briefly to the UKs equivalent festival Secret Garden Party last year I believe- although we missed each other. How did you find it?

Gadi: I loved the Secret Garden Fest. it was the right size and the right vibe for me. I also caught a few bigger festivals like Glastonbury but I much prefer Secret Garden and especially loved the Garden Festival in Croatia. These are very different than Burning Man as BM is not really a music festival. It has music but the idea behind it is more a social experiment than a music festival.

Louche: Getting the girls dancing is what you guys are all about. Sexy music irrespective of genre to a certain extent. Please tell our readers about this ethos…

Gadi: The W+L sound constantly changes. We try to make it a point so that WE the artists don't get bored of music making and playing and so that the crowds we're playing for are constantly surprised. In fact fans of W+L almost EXPECT to be surprised at our parties and hear something new. Ever since we shifted our sound from minimal to disco and house we've become all about a party vibe in our parties which means that we play for girls rather than for guys.

Louche: I'll always remember your first time at Louche- you dropped Spottieottiedopalicious by Outkast and Nate Dogg's Regulate and it fucking went off! Your not shy of a few R kelly classics too, but do you think you'll ever run out of crowd pleasing RnB numbers to play? There seems to be a very fine line between cool and cheesy…

Gadi: Yes, it's definitely a fine line, but I play R&B because I fucking love it! It seems a very common ground for all the artists on my labels to share a love of R&B, that's the sound we usually get down to when we feel really comfortable doing our thing. I want that sexy-gangsta vibe to be clear on my dance-floor. I want it to be ok to feel like a pimp or get slapped like a bitch! Will we ever run out of R&B? I don't think so!


Louche: You collabed with Lonely C last year on the Not So Lonely EP, are you gonna continue producing just as Baby Prince this year, or are there plans to get back into the studio with Zev for more W + L material?

Gadi: I love collaborations, to me it's the best way to get to know someone. Zev and I have started working on an album this winter and have been djing together a lot more. Deniz and I have a few tracks together on her new album called "The Way We Live" which is made up of tracks that all have collaborations with W+L artists expected to hit the streets real soon.
I do work with Charlie from Soul Clap quite a lot, we have a few more EP's coming out this year coming on Double Standard Records & Somethinksounds Records.

Louche: There was quite a stir when you released Soul Clap's 'Extravaganza', which I'm sure your sick of talking about, but in terms of sampling- have you ever run into trouble from the original producer over an edit you have released? I heard Nico had to have a song pulled from an album recently no?

Gadi: We haven't run into too much trouble for any edits off of our W+L Black label. I think that people understand that we do it for the love of music and we want people to be able to play these amazing tracks in their sets that they otherwise couldn't.

Louche: So seeing as we're in January, it only seems right to ask you about last years end of year polls? Soul Clap made number 14, W + L came in at 80, but that was it for W + L artists. Then you look at the Crosstown and Hot Natured crew who absolutely dominated the top 20. What do you make of it all dude?

Gadi: Look, moving away from Techno, creating the Marcy Hotel to escape NYC nightclubs, investing 10 years into Burning Man, an open source record label and nurturing over a dozen artists full time, you think thats for polls? No it's about a love of and borderline obsession with this music and our community. I love this crew and all their different styles and personalities with all my heart and feel blessed to watch them grow. Oh and don't forget, Nicolas Jaar was NUMBER ONE live act AND best album, so if W+L needs to feel special because of ratings, Nico's got us covered!

Louche: Sticking with the January thing, can i get your personal end of year chart? Top artists who did it for you in 2011, and some predictions for 2012, who's set to blow up?

Gadi: PillowTalk, Crazy P, Aquarius Heaven, Double Hill, Little Dragon and Metronomy have all really blew my mind this past year.
I think Night Plane, Tanner Ross and Voices Of Black are going to be making some real different sh!t for 2012.

Louche: Your third Louche appearance is approaching, we hope your looking forward to coming back?

it's really one of my favourite parties to play at.
This is the first show on my 2 week tour with Voices of Black whom I've watched become such a cool creative force as producers and Dj's over the past two years.
So I'm super excited to bring my Family to party with yours once again!!!! Can't Wait!!!

Thanks Gadi : )

Interview by Josh T...
Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time!


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