AKOOM Records presents TOM LAWS

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AKOOM Records presents TOM LAWS

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AKOOM Records || The Dark Side Of Techno Music Concept

Born to taste .. for passion .. with the idea of creating something like this .. but different to everything else .. so that two artists, M.I.D.I. & Nick Zero decided in 2011 to unite and give life to that then he will not only be a short ‘record label’. With the support and the availability of the giant Italian ItaloBusiness Records provide for the creation of the actual project. A musical concept .. a way of life: The Dark Side Of Techno Music Concept.
In a short time Akoom Records received positive acclaim in major techno and electronic Italian and European scenes. With the knowledge to run into circumstances already discovered and established, giving a hand to the underground musical research of the matrix, the label can appear in the playlists of many established international artists including Umek, Dubfire, Spektr, Axel karakasis etc.. A line-up care, where they appear as producers Dandi & Ugo, Piatto, Bodyscrub, MIDI, Andres Gil, Tom Laws, Vegim, Ant Prescott, Subfractal, Don Ruijgrok, MADA, Lazy M, Dualitik Alejandro Trebor, Sutter Cane, Mike Wall Sebastian Groth, Steve Redhead, DaveChristoph, etc. With the aim of bringing forward this point of reference, which it already is for many, comes the desire to express in direct contact with the public, what the label wants to communicate.
Are organized so the first Akoom Records Showcase Live around the world, including Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and Italy. A busy year full of success, but it proves the theory of fully believe in everything .. to achieve it. Marked and sustained efforts and the work will be carried out during 2012 that it looks good from the start. And 'for this that we will start in style with what we believe the most important output record we've done so far.

We are pleased to release a new concept of the artist .. but that is already played and in collecting favorites from the big international media.
He is Tom Laws.
His tracks are present in the bags of many prominent personalities, and his music has appeared on major labels such as Sleaze, Frakture Audio, Incorrect, and many others.
An original version that needs no presentation, all embellished by the remix by Bodyscrub, new young Neapolitan techno talented found on labels like Respekt, Phobiq, Sleaze.
To complete, the remix of the English man Ant Prescott, which is distinguished by its hypnotic with a lot of impact sound.

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