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louchemusic.com Le Loup (Wolf + Lamb) Interview

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Louche Podcast 013. Le Loup (W +L)


Following his podcast we catch up with French house man of the hour Le Loup.


First of all hows it going?

“Actually im a little bit sick and im recovering at home!”
What did you do today? Take us through your typical weekend as ‘Le Loup’…

“Today I was at school, i had a studio time to learn 5:1. So during the week I am usually at school and after I pass hours to listen and find new gems or I try to make some music as soon as I can, ”
You’re a sound engineering student. Must be pretty useful being a producer.. Do you ever struggle to balance playing shows with study time?

“Yes i must admit that sometimes parties & music take a lot of my time and its obvious to say that has consequences for my studies. I try to finish my year and after that i’ll use all my time to make music.”
What was the first house record you ever bought ? And the last one you bought?

“Mmm… Let me think. I would say a promo of Abe Duque. What happened ? I am still playing that sh!t, it’s one of the few tracks I’ve bought really early. I’m not still tired to listen it, the last one comes from Marcellus Pittman on Fit and the Andres remix on NDATL”
What do you like to do when your not doing music? How do you chill out? A spot of golf?

“I’m a real geek now. I played ice hockey for 10 years when I was young, but now everything that I love is to push my spirit sliding towards music. Between school and music, it’s difficult to find time but I like to live and have walk to Paris, go to the cinema, pick out unlikely thinks on record stores or have a drink with my friends.”
Who are the people that have been most influential to you and helped you get to where you are in music?

“What a difficult question here ! I would said a lot of people and artists. Some people of my family, my friends and all other people that I’ve met. I love listening music in the streets and I always watched around… Sometimes, you are lucky and find something special ! First of all, my family was there. Specially my uncle Steph, who bought me my first turntable. Of course my friends too, particularly Hugo & Micky and Gadi & Zev. I love them all!”
What producers are killing it for you right now? Anyone we should be keeping one eye on in coming months?

“As a Producer, DJ Dez, Kyle Hall, Nicolas Jaar, Marcellus Pittman, Lewie Day, Lee Foss, Deniz Kurtel, Clement Meyer, Soul Clap, Wolf+Lamb, anonym or James Duncan are examples of what is the best at the moment in my opinion. Keep an eye on get the curse, serious things are coming from this crew (Clement Meyer, Olibusta, Darabi & myself)

As a dj, I say Zip, Jan Krueger, Marc Schneider, Seth Troxler, Julietta or Miss Fitz.”
What projects are you working on at the moment? What have you got lined up for us in 2010?

“I’am working on different projects with soul clap, Clement Meyer or my funkalicious friend James, and someone else I can’t say for the moment (some secrets and you know I keep secrets). Some news eps are comin out this year ! It must just be a little patient.”
The B side of Soulclap’s Bakerman is a proper party tune, good vibes !!! Tell us more about your side project ‘Childhood ’87… Will there be more from you under this guise?

“Yes it’s a very important project for me… I do that with a longtime friend that I found recently! And it was amazing to see we have still the same interest in music! So it was evident that we need to do some cuts together. We’re working on the new childhood now… Keep an eye on the next few months.”
What is your take on the party scene in Paris? It has had some bad press recently stating the scene is dying, do you agree?

“Unfortunately it’s true, its really difficult to do something different & original here and people are bored about the nightlife and its natural because its always the same shits in the same places.”
Social Club… Rex Club… Where is the place to be?

“They are good clubs in different styles but they’re not enough I think, sometimes you see some new clubs or old clubs who try to do something new but it’s not working! I think french people or people in Paris don’t have the good mentality… Here, it’s not in the culture to go out for the music like in UK or Germany! Here people like to sit at a table with a bottle and pretty girls, they don’t care about the music… For me the place to be is not really a place but more a question of crews & promoters. I want to mention a few like Dimuschi, Get the curse, Naxeworld or we love… They try to change the things here, we have to support them!”
And how do you hope people will react to your music and is that important or do you have different goals?

“I suppose the most important thing for me is that i’m happy with it, but yeah I care if people enjoy or react to it. I don’t really think of the music I make as club music though I’m sure some djs will play it, so I’m always immediately thinking of my music from a album/afterparty/car/home listening situation, and I want people to enjoy it and for it to affect them. That was what was so important to me when I was doing my album was creating a cohesive and emotive statement. I find it hard to believe anyone makes music only for themselves.”
Your obvious influences give a strong melodic nod of the head towards disco and soul… What else pushes your inspiration buttons?

“So many things you know, of course music of the past (classical music, jazz music a lot, disco, soul, hip-hop & funk) but I think the most inspiring things for me are travels & meetings.”
How would you describe one of your sets in three words?

“Made with love!”
If you had to take 3 vinyls to a desert island, what would you take and why?

“Miles Davis – kind of blue for relaxin (probably one of the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in my life). J Dilla – Ruff Draft for hunting. Parris Mitchell – Life in the underground for partying.”

Questions from Bruno Schmidt

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