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by Red Kite
Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:55 pm
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Topic: Dave Aju (CC) vs bshosa @ Radio Kampus + Interview with Dave
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Great! Thanks!

Love Dave's productions. Will give it a listen the next days to see if his Sets live up to his own music. ;)
by Red Kite
Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:23 pm
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Topic: [PLE 65303] Kenny Larkin - Keys, Strings, Tambourines
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Kenny is still a magician! One of the few guys from the earlier days that still produce pure quality and managed to move with the time while still keeping their original approaches. That he releases on Carl Craig's label just suits it. Highly recommended!
by Red Kite
Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:13 pm
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Topic: Good dubstep = Shackleton??
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Hmm, Shackleton isn't much of Dubstep to me. Especially "Death is not Final", that definately a house tune, there's not much dubstep in it. I mean I love his music, I just wonder if Dubstep is really what you are looking for.
by Red Kite
Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:10 pm
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Topic: reeeeeeeeeewind for jesus
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trensp wrote:and for the dubstep remix.... ... re=related
Ha ha ha! :lol:

Though the dubstep party @ Berghain last Friday didn't hold up to the stereotype! Looked more like the first video posted!
by Red Kite
Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:51 pm
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Topic: The "picture encounter" topic on
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by Red Kite
Sun Oct 05, 2008 7:31 pm
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Topic: [TSULTRA] Yann Tiersen & Jay Haze - Comptine d'un autre
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Lacks the creativity and magic of the original as well as Luciano's Amelie on Ice, but well, at least some more Tiersen for the clubs! :D Though I think this grows old very fast. Gets on your nerves after hearing a few times, as much as Ricardo's Enfants... Just my opinion, but I respect the approac...
by Red Kite
Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:59 pm
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Topic: MIKAEL STAVOSTRAND - Spaceflake EP (inc. Red Kite rmx)
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By the way, the remix is actually three remixes edited into one, because I couldn't decide which version was the best. Seems like noone else wanted to decide...

So yeah, now you get three remixes for the price of one! ;)
by Red Kite
Sun Oct 05, 2008 6:57 pm
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Topic: Krause Duo - Automatischler Ping EP (Musik Krause 025)
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Finally! The return of Hip House! :lol:

Brilliant record! All tracks are quality and very innovative productions!