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by sampleslaya
Fri May 11, 2007 8:21 pm
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Topic: [MINUS51] JPLS - Twilite
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Mark Anthony wrote:The Skoonz remixes are the only thing worth having.

Someone on page one said one of the best techno albums you guys just get excited over stuff since you think you're the first one to hear it?
I guess your opinion is the only one that matters?
by sampleslaya
Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:19 am
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Topic: (YORE-003) TODD SINES aka .Xtrak_Back_up EP (YRE-001/GER)
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great news!
definitely a future purchase :D
by sampleslaya
Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:09 am
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Topic: Is it going technotechno again?
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It is nice to have some energy back in things.. :wink:
by sampleslaya
Tue Apr 17, 2007 9:12 pm
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Topic: [clink 007] tim xavier - deception de real remixes // 2x12
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by sampleslaya
Tue Mar 20, 2007 8:30 pm
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Topic: any of you lot know marco carola?
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sorry to hear you had a hard time with him. I've had him in town a couple times and he's a great guy, awesome sense of humor.
by sampleslaya
Mon Mar 12, 2007 5:59 pm
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Topic: [diginet012] brandon plank - the late night goods
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nice release from a great netlabel!
by sampleslaya
Wed Feb 28, 2007 4:23 am
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Topic: (produktloop02) various artists - loops part 2
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nice..downloading now :D
by sampleslaya
Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:00 am
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Topic: [grv12-02] v.a. - carousel
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awesome project!!
great mix and great loops, thanks!!