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by dlaveen
Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:45 pm
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Topic: Sourge / Nu Media
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Sourge / Nu Media

Beginnings as Backlash!… Young, full of energy, creative, talented – these are only several adjectives to describe him. As for today, he’s not only a dj, but also a producer who’s becoming appreciated by a large group of people. The beginnings, however, were tough – his first sounds were to listene...
by dlaveen
Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:39 pm
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Topic: [DWUC09] Nu Media - I Like
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[DWUC09] Nu Media - I Like

There are three mixes to choose from. In its Original form, I Like is a moody, broody affair centring around an ominous-sounding b-line, topped with slightly disturbing synth squiggles and a woman’s voice intoning the title. Erdel Mauff’s Deeply Interpretated Mix then takes us into sparser, later-ni...