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by tmalheiros
Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:28 pm
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Topic: Blog From CMYKMUSIK!
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hey thanks for the heads up, i really dig some spanish labels (all Net28's, Minibus 8) , 4line, etc...) just the chance to comment on alex's posts is very nice. gracias :lol:
by tmalheiros
Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:22 pm
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Topic: Funny pics and movies topic
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OMG! (-) don't forget to read the subtitles

also if you guys dig those church videos check out the MNML ritual version here
by tmalheiros
Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:23 pm
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Topic: Techno Messiah
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yeah been collecting some videos of the holy ghost lol and i thinked they are more apropriate with techno :D
by tmalheiros
Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:52 pm
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Topic: WTF?
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I made some syncs with techno with some videos of this type
by tmalheiros
Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:32 pm
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Topic: what's made you cry?
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Marco Bruzzano ; Roberto Capuano - Cold Sunday - Minisketch Vir 1.2

Junior Lopez ; Gandman - Some Worm - Acktivism 16

both made me get very emotional in my first hearings
by tmalheiros
Wed Jul 02, 2008 5:37 am
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Topic: How does your bedroom or dj room look like?
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